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Forensic Science (DK Eyewitness Books) Books Pdf File

Joyce Meyer is the author of more than 130 books, including Battlefield of the Mind, The Confident Woman, and Authentically, Uniquely You. Her broadcast, Enjoying Everyday Life, reaches an international audience daily through hundreds of radio stations and television networks. She and her family live in St. Louis, MO.

Forensic Science (DK Eyewitness Books) Books Pdf File

Eyewitness Books (called Eyewitness Guides in the UK) is a series of educational nonfiction books. They were first published in Great Britain by Dorling Kindersley in 1988. The series now has over 160 titles on a variety of subjects, such as dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, flags, chemistry, music, the solar system, film, and William Shakespeare. According to Dorling Kindersley, over 50 million copies have been sold in 36 languages.[1]

Does your child love detective stories, watch crime scene investigation (CSI) shows, or dream of being a forensic scientist someday? CSI activities for kids may be just what you need! Mysteries and hands-on sleuthing experiences can build important critical thinking skills. Best of all, forensic science for kids covers different areas of science: physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science! Using crime scene activities, books, and investigations can help your child learn skills in data collection, observation, analysis, and problem-solving. Most of all, your child will love to learn this way!

Did you know that you leave evidence of your presence everywhere you go? Forensic science is based on the principle that a person always brings something to a crime scene and also leaves something behind. Forensic science uses science to solve legal issues within the civic and criminal justice systems. Forensic scientists collect physical and chemical evidence from crime scenes and then analyze the evidence in a laboratory. Some laboratory tests can be done quickly, but others can take months. They use principles and techniques from biology, chemistry, physics and other scientific areas to provide evidence and sometimes even testify in court. Forensics can involve all kinds of scientists (e.g., forensic anthropologists, forensic pathologists, forensic toxicologists, forensic entomologists) and can even be used by archaeologists to learn more about ancient peoples!

What better way to learn about forensic science than by doing hands-on experiments and activities! Help your young Sherlock Holmes to use some of the actual procedures forensic scientists use. Here are a few activities based on crime scene investigation for kids that you can do at home:

Once your kids know their CSI basics, they can try to solve mysteries using the thinking and tools of forensic science. Want to find easy crime scene ideas? Here are some crime scene scenarios available for free on the Internet:

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