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Facing the Check Engine Light Dilemma: Can You Pass NYS Inspection?

New York State (NYS) inspections are a crucial aspect of vehicle ownership, ensuring road safety and environmental compliance. However, a common question arises when the check engine light is on: Can you pass nys inspection with check engine light on?

In most cases, a vehicle with an illuminated check engine light will not pass NYS inspection. The check engine light indicates potential issues with emissions or essential systems, and NYS regulations typically require a properly functioning emission control system for a vehicle to pass inspection.

It is advisable to address the underlying issues causing the check engine light to illuminate before attempting an inspection. Seeking professional diagnosis and repairs not only improves the chances of passing the inspection but also contributes to overall vehicle performance and environmental responsibility. Always check and adhere to the specific regulations outlined by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure compliance.


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