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All Games, All in One Game, New Games - The Ultimate Gaming App for Android

If you're not an Apple Arcade subscriber, you won't be able to play any Apple Arcade games, even if you downloaded them to your device. Delete the apps if you don't need them anymore, or resubscribe to keep playing.

WeMod eliminates all the complexity of using mods in single-player PC games. Our easy-to-use, seamless interface gives our community the power to personalize their gaming experience easily and safely.

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Every Apple Arcade game is handpicked to bring together an incredible variety of games for all play styles and generations. Types of games include puzzle, strategy, adventure, simulation, board, card, sports, and more.

When Valve's Steam launcher took off, we briefly enjoyed being able to launch nearly every PC game from one place. Then every company seemed to introduce its own launcher. Now there are too many game launchers to keep track of, and you probably own games across all of them.

If you own a sizable collection of PC games, it's tough to remember which game you installed on which launcher. Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can launch all of your PC games without hopping between game launchers.

It also creates a combined friend list across all of those platforms, offers leaderboards, lets you create custom library views to sort your games, and much more. Seeking the ultimate PC games launcher? Look no further.

Unlike the other game managers on this list, LaunchBox started out with a much smaller goal than what it became. Initially, the launcher was just a front end for the DOSBox emulator. Over time, the developers added loads of features. Now it's one of the more advanced launchers you'll find. It'll even handle all the old PC games that you can download online.

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You need to add each of your game accounts in turn (you can import your Steam library to Launchbox, for example), then wait for the games to be imported. It takes a curiously long time, especially if you have many games, though it displays lots of useful information about the game once it's done.

The development team behind Playnite have done a fantastic job with this PC games launcher. It thoroughly scans for games on your system, offers a good variety of features, and has an easy to navigate user interface; all of these combine to create an extremely polished app, meaning it's easy to unify and make sense of your game collection with Playnite.

Razer Cortex does a lot of things. It's a game performance booster, system performance booster, system cleaner, and more. Importantly, it's also a universal PC games launcher; it offers a library of all of your installed games across different launchers.

Razer Cortex finds games very well, from storefronts like Steam, BattleNet, and Epic Games. You can sort, filter, and tag these games to aid with organization, which is vital if you have an expansive library.

Razer Cortex has one killer feature. It finds deals on games, no matter which launcher they use, and serves them to you. If you're looking to expand your game collection while saving a few bucks, this feature alone makes the app worth installing.

It'd be remiss of us not to mention Steam, which is what many people use to buy and manage their PC game collections. First released back in 2003 as a way to distribute Valve games, Steam has become the de facto platform for PC gamers.

It also works as an excellent games launcher, providing you've purchased those games through Steam. You can track game updates, achievements, screenshots, and much more from the central hub for each game.

Radeon Software is designed specifically for those who have an AMD graphics card. The software primarily functions as a way to change your universal graphics settings, check for driver updates, optimize your games, and track performance.

However, you can also use it as a game launcher. It automatically displays all installed games on your PC. You can launch each game directly from Radeon Software, along with customizing AMD display settings for each.

GeForce Experience has many great benefits, not least that it functions as a universal PC games launcher. It automatically detects all of your installed games and displays them in a grid, complete with box art and game information. If you like, you can automatically optimize the graphics settings for all your games with a single click.

The Xbox Series X is the more powerful of the two. Indeed, it's technically the most powerful console on the market today, with components you'd normally find in a decent gaming PC. The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, is more affordable and for those looking to play the latest "next-gen" games but without blowing the budget. Both are very worthy when considering an upgrade from an Xbox One - not least because they are backward compatible with all last-gen games.

However, if you already have a large collection of Xbox One games on disc and don't want to swap them for digital equivalents, your next console choice is more important (and less broad). Here we tell you why that is.

The key thing to know about the Xbox Series S is that there's no physical disc drive whatsoever, which means that you'll have no way at all of running games from your discs on the new compact console.

However, if you don't mind ditching the discs and are willing to download games to its drive instead, the Xbox Series S is an excellent entry machine, especially when partnered with Xbox Game Pass - the all-in-one subscription service that offers over 400 games for a single monthly fee. You never know, all those disc games you own might be on it anyway.

As with the Series S, the Xbox Series X supports just about every Xbox One game released in the last decade or so, plus many Xbox 360 and original Xbox games through backward compatibility. Unlike its cheaper stablemate, it also sports a 4K Blu-ray disc drive so you can spin your existing discs.

There are some caveats though. Kinect games won't work - the Xbox Series X doesn't support the motion sensing peripheral at all. Some other titles that require first or third-party accessories might also struggle due to the periphrals themselves no longer being supported.

Link games from Steam, Epic, Origin, GOG,, Ubisoft Connect and other services, including games that are not installed!Emulation supportPlaynite supports a wide variety of console emulators.

Get all the great benefits included in the PlayStation Plus Essential plan, as well as access to the Game Catalog, featuring hundreds of games from genre-defining blockbusters to innovative indies, with new titles added regularly.

PlayStation Now has merged with PlayStation Plus, and features of PlayStation Now including a game library of hundreds of games to download or stream on-demand, are now part of the new PlayStation Plus service.

2023 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLCAll content, games titles, trade names and/or trade dress, trademarks, artwork and associated imagery are trademarks and/or copyright material of their respective owners. All rights reserved. More info

GOG Galaxy aims to be a one-stop shop for all your game libraries, but it also allows you to download and install games from You can change where games are installed, but there is no built-in button to move downloaded games to a new folder.

Click the gear icon in the top-left corner and open Settings > Installing, updating and select Game installation folder. Choose your preferred location and future games will be saved here. We can also manipulate this feature to move downloaded games to a new location.

Click on the game again to install it, and when it asks you where you want it installed, choose the folder where you copied the game files (in our example, D:\Games\GOG). It will begin installing the game, realize the files are already there, and the installation will complete very quickly, without re-downloading the files a second time.

EA has phased out the Origin Launcher in favor of its new EA app. While the new service promises faster download speeds, updates and the ability to communicate with friends across different platforms, EA is missing Origin's extremely useful Move Games option to let you transfer game files within the client.

To move pre-installed games, you will need to move the game files in the same way we did with GOG Galaxy. Navigate to EA's install location (C:\Program Files\EA Games\ by default) and cut and paste the necessary files to a new location.

After this is done, you will need to open Settings > Download in the EA app and change the install directory in the settings. Click Edit next to Install location and choose your new destination. When you download a game, you will be prompted to locate the game files and tell the client the new folder destination.

Click the three dots next to the game, and choose Uninstall to remove the original game file. Return to the game in your library and re-install it, choosing the preferred destination. Allow the download to start, then cancel the installation.

You can change the destination of all future games from Settings > Downloads. Click the Change button next to Default Install Directory and choose your preferred location.

The Xbox PC app makes it easy to move games to a new folder or a separate drive by essentially doing the job for you. All you have to do is tell it where to redirect your games. For all games, head to Settings > General and click Change Folder under the Game Install Options section to choose a new folder.

The app is selective about which folders it will accept, so I had to use an empty C:\New Folder for it to work. Note that previously installed games will also move to the new destination. You may also wish to keep Ask me for install options on every install checked so you can change things up as needed.

Individual games can easily be moved to a new drive. Find the title in the app's Installed sidebar, click the three-dot menu, and select the Files tab. Choose Change Drive and select the destination, then click Move to finalize.


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