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Frendy Bite

Unmasking the Age of Shigaraki: How Old Is Shigaraki?

Greetings, fellow fans of My Hero Academia! Ever found yourself pondering the age of the enigmatic and formidable Shigaraki? Well, you're not alone! Join us in unraveling the mystery behind Shigaraki's age and delve into the intriguing world of this complex character.

Feel free to share your thoughts, theories, and speculations about Shigaraki's age in this forum. Whether you're a seasoned manga reader or an anime enthusiast catching up on the latest episodes, let's come together to unlock the secrets of Shigaraki's past and discover how old this intriguing character truly is!

So, fellow fans, let the discussions begin! How old is Shigaraki, and what implications might his age have on the unfolding plot? Share your insights and join the conversation!


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