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How To Download [TOP] Vietcong 2 For Free On PC

How to Download Vietcong 2 for Free on PC

Vietcong 2 is a tactical shooter video game, developed by Pterodon and Illusion Softworks, published by 2K Games for Microsoft Windows in October 2005, and set during the Vietnam War. It is the direct sequel to Vietcong[^2^].

How to Download Vietcong 2 for Free on PC

In this game, you can experience the Tet Offensive in Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam, from both sides of the conflict. You can play as Captain Daniel Boone, an American soldier who is part of a coalition of international forces, or as a young Vietcong recruit who fights for his country's independence[^2^].

The game features 14 distinct locations, realistic weapons and vehicles, a variety of missions and objectives, and multiplayer modes for up to 64 players[^3^]. If you are a fan of historical shooters and want to relive the Vietnam War, you can download Vietcong 2 for free on your PC by following these steps:

  • Download and extract Vietcong_2_Win_ISO_EN.FR.DE.IT.ES.7z from this website[^1^]. This is a compressed file that contains the game's installation files.

  • Mount the .iso file using a software like Daemon Tools or PowerISO. This will create a virtual drive that contains the game's CD-ROM.

  • Run "Setup.exe" as an administrator from the virtual drive and follow the on-screen instructions. When they ask you to insert a CD-key, use: NA11-AMB8-751R-4DR8-US7R[^1^].

  • Finish installing the game. Once installed, open the "Crack" folder found inside the mounted .iso file and copy the files found inside.

  • Go into the game installation directory and paste the crack files. Confirm that you want to replace the files in the destination. This will bypass the game's copy protection and allow you to play without the CD-ROM.

  • Launch the game using the desktop shortcut. Enjoy!

You can also watch this video[^4^] for a complete walkthrough of the game's story mode.

Vietcong 2 Gameplay and Features

Vietcong 2 is a first-person shooter that puts you in the middle of the Vietnam War. You can choose to play as either an American or a Vietcong soldier, each with their own campaign and perspective. The game has a realistic and immersive atmosphere, with detailed graphics, authentic sounds, and dynamic weather effects. You can also interact with your squadmates and civilians, who will react to your actions and decisions.

The game has a variety of weapons and equipment that you can use in combat, such as rifles, pistols, grenades, mines, rocket launchers, and more. You can also drive or ride in vehicles like jeeps, tanks, helicopters, and boats. The game has different types of missions and objectives, such as assaulting enemy positions, defending your base, rescuing hostages, sabotaging bridges, and more. You can also customize your character's appearance and skills, and unlock new weapons and items as you progress.

The game also has a multiplayer mode that supports up to 64 players online or over LAN. You can choose from several modes, such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, co-op, and more. You can also create your own maps and scenarios using the built-in editor. The game has a dedicated community of players and modders who have created new content and features for the game.

Vietcong 2 Review and Reception

Vietcong 2 received mixed reviews from critics and gamers alike. The game was praised for its realistic and immersive gameplay, its historical accuracy and authenticity, its diverse and challenging missions, its multiplayer mode, and its modding support. However, the game was also criticized for its technical issues, such as bugs, glitches, crashes, poor optimization, and compatibility problems. The game was also compared unfavorably to other Vietnam War games at the time, such as Battlefield Vietnam and Men of Valor.

The game has a score of 61/100 on Metacritic, based on 28 reviews from critics. The game also has a user score of 7.6/10 on Metacritic, based on 30 ratings from gamers. The game has a rating of 6.9/10 on GameSpot, based on 17 reviews from critics and 8.3/10 from users. The game has a rating of 6.8/10 on IGN, based on one review from a critic and 8/10 from users.

Despite its flaws, Vietcong 2 is still a fun and engaging game that offers a unique perspective on the Vietnam War. If you are looking for a realistic and immersive shooter that lets you experience the Tet Offensive in Hue from both sides of the conflict, you should give Vietcong 2 a try. 04f6b60f66


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