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Zeliria Sanctuary Crack Fix

Zeliria Sanctuary Crack Fix: What You Need to Know Before Playing

Zeliria Sanctuary is a visual novel game that takes you to a fantastic world of an alien planet, where you will lead special forces soldier Maxx and his purple hamster companion Humkey. You will encounter colorful characters, exciting adventures, and multiple endings in this game.

Zeliria Sanctuary Crack Fix

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The game was released on Steam in 2019 by Salangan Games and Phoenix_co, and received very positive reviews from players. However, if you want to play Zeliria Sanctuary for free, you will need a crack fix to bypass the Steam protection and run the game smoothly. In this article, we will tell you what you need to know before playing Zeliria Sanctuary with a crack fix.

What is Zeliria Sanctuary?

Zeliria Sanctuary is a visual novel game that combines fantasy, drama, romance, humor, thriller, and of course beautiful girls and fluffy (not)humster. The game has a unique mix of two styles: opening and closing arts in real-style and the rest game in anime.

The game follows the story of Maxx, a special forces soldier who goes through a portal gate from Earth to an amazing planet called Zeliria. There, he meets Humkey, a purple hamster who has enormous power and becomes his guide and friend. Together, they explore the mysterious world of Zeliria, where they encounter seductive assassins, medieval knights, cat-girls, and other fantastic creatures.

The game has a dynamic and engaging plot with many choices that affect the outcome of the story. There are 11 different endings (not counting bad endings) and three characters to choose from for romance. The game also has stunning scenery and erotic scenes.

What is Zeliria Sanctuary Crack Fix?

A crack fix is a file or a program that modifies the original game files to remove or bypass the copy protection or digital rights management (DRM) system. This allows the game to be played without requiring a valid license or activation key.

Zeliria Sanctuary crack fix is a crack fix that works for Zeliria Sanctuary game. It allows you to play the game for free without having to buy it on Steam or use a Steam account. It also fixes some common issues and bugs that may occur when playing the game with a crack.

How to Download and Install Zeliria Sanctuary Crack Fix

To play Zeliria Sanctuary with a crack fix, you will need to download and install both the game and the crack fix on your computer. You can download the game from Steam or from other sources, but make sure it is compatible with the crack fix version.

To download and install Zeliria Sanctuary crack fix, follow these steps:

  • Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • Under the "Cracks" section, you will see a list of available crack fixes for Zeliria Sanctuary. Choose the one that matches your game version and click on the "Download" button.

  • You will be redirected to another page where you can choose a download link from various file hosting services. Pick one that suits you and click on it.

  • Follow the instructions on the file hosting service website to download the crack fix file. You may need to complete some verification steps or wait for a timer before you can start the download.

  • Save the file to your computer and extract it using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

  • Open the folder where you extracted the crack fix file and find the file named "ZeliriaSanctuary.exe". This is the cracked executable file that will run the game without Steam.

  • Copy this file and paste it into the folder where you installed Zeliria Sanctuary game. This is usually located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Zeliria Sanctuary". You may need to overwrite or replace the original executable file.



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