29 / Sep / 2018

Melina Almodóvar, la muñeca de la salsa!!!

Salsa Music and Salsa Dancing inspires me everyday and I see there are so many people like me out in the world. Every time I perform my music I meet people that are addicted to salsa like myself! My story is a little different from the norm. I was born in Puerto Rico but at an early age I moved to Memphis Tennessee. It was a very hard transition for me and this is where I fell in love with Salsa music and Salsa dancing it helped me feel connected to my homeland and roots so I began my quest to bring salsa music from my island of Puerto Rico to an audience that wasn’t familiar to it. I fell so hard for Salsa music that I learned every single Celia Cruz and Marc Anthony song I could get my hands on in Memphis Tennessee imagine…. and then one day a band came calling a group of American musicians from Memphis that had the salsa bug and wanted to form a group. That was heaven for me. Funny how the things that inspire you always find their way into your life. We took Memphis and the south of the USA for a loop with this music and soon sleepy southern towns where hooked . This took my dreams to Miami where I now live and sing for people everyday my dreams have come true and its just the beginning ….

That was almost ten years ago, and in those ten years I have witnessed the art of salsa dancing grow by leaps and bounds. I always wonder what has made people from countries that have no inclination to Latin salsa rhythms like Croatia, Germany, Japan, ect .. be so into consumed with Salsa music? I have seen people join a beginner class barely able to get out on the dance floor and end up dancing like pros with dedication and hard work. When I see this process it’s very fulfilling to see people feeling alive, connected, and empowered by something amazing that is the feeling of this music LA SALSA! It is truly an honor for me to be able to defend, protect, and represent the music that moves so many and I am very grateful to all the people that have made it part of their daily lives. You are the ones that are moving it forward to the next generations. From that moment you decided to learn how to salsa dance to the moment where you feel you have accomplished something amazing and unique in finding your own style. It is your journey a quest full of energy and love of life that is what salsa music and salsa dancing is. Love pure love of life. I hope you enjoy my music, it is my journey and I invite you to join me in the celebration… Que Viva La Salsa !!

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