Cubaocho Museum and Performing Art Center is a new business concept that has been extremely successful for being unique and different. I am very proud of having created this place and please the taste of artists as well as art lovers. I’m always surprised by the public interpretations and also by the interest of many artists to perform in Cubaocho. Therefore, it has become one of the most admired and visited Miami locations. In Cubaocho the arts come together.

We provide the best of our cultural background to the country. Cubaocho now proclaimed by the City of Miami as a free museum to the community carries an extended collection of pre-revolutionary art works from the masters of Cuban art, 1800 to the 1960’s, Cubaocho also count with an art gallery available to merchandise art work encompassing period from the masters to now a day Cuban artist too.

As a museum and performing art center one of the most important activities here is the music and dance; it is an eclectic place, the artworks we exhibited in the museum are continuously changed. So much so that Cubaocho completely transforms itself every week to present to the public a variety of styles in music, fine arts… Even the events are varied; we have weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings, book launches, exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, always focused on all type of Cuban culture expression.

Cubaocho is a unique place located in the heart of Little Havana, designed to bring together all art in their expression, we share our large memorabilia collection of Cuban history and Cuban art free to the community , we also provide live music, full bar, and available space for private and corporate events, such  as weddings, birthdays and more.

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